Monitoring and evaluation

It is the responsibility of the PIC to monitor and evaluate (M&E) the processes during and after implementation (Figure 5‑1). Village stakeholders, government, donors and other communities can all benefit from the information that is obtained from monitoring and evaluation.


Figure 5 1: The process of assessing performance

It is important to recognise that for the lifetime of a VLAP, planning never stops. As projects develop, they continually change and the members of the organisations driving them change, and in response to this their plans will need to be constantly revisited.  How these changes affect the VLAP and its budget and how the PIC and VDC should respond to these changes is informed by monitoring the action plan and the budget against the implementation of the project activities.

At the end of the project the VLAP and budget are evaluated to compare what was planned with what actually took place, and how successful the project outcomes are. From this important lessons can be learned for implementation in future projects